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Colin Morgan and Emily Browning on set of Legend

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Hands off the merchandise. Morgana ‘bout to kill someone

Mergana vs Merthian



merlin + first & last lines

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Merlin and Morgana during 2x12


The Gates of Avalon: Ep. 1x07

Mergana Points of Focus: 3/?

1. This episode is filled with a lot of questions from Morgana, questions mainly pertaining to magic. Clearly, Morgana trusts Gaius, and this episode is probably the first where Morgana starts to have the same type of trust towards Merlin. The 2nd GIF tells us that much, just from the way she exchanges looks with Merlin.

2. The 4th GIF actually puts a smile on my face. Morgana believes what happened is that Arthur was lovesick, and she is simply trying to get some facts out from Merlin. I like how she envelopes her question in a joke sort of way, and how she includes herself into what happened by framing it with how she would’ve handled the situation.

3. In the 5th GIF, you already know that Merlin is having a hard time holding himself back from opening up the topic of magic to her. Just from his face, and that look he gives to Gaius to seek his opinion/acceptance. He goes along with Morgana’s joke, but you could tell that he wants to tell her about the magic that she could possibly have.

4. Also in the 5th GIF, you could see how let down Morgana is. She already tried to break any awkwardness in the situation and just wants to get some answers from Gaius and Merlin, specifically Merlin. The look she gives Merlin when he doesn’t address the lingering question “does her premonitions/dreams mean she has magic?” is just so heartbreaking.

5. In the 6th GIF, if you look closely, she give Merlin a look once she starts turning away to leave. To me, that look meant something like, “Fine, don’t answer me this moment, but we will talk about it later!" Then Merlin’s smile back looks like it meant something like, "Okay honey, we’ll talk about it later." I mean, what the frickity frick!!!

6. If you just look at all the GIFs, and study all the looks that Merlin and Morgana give each other, it almost feels like they’re two teenagers on a date with an adult chaperon (Gaius). They both want to talk to each other openly, but they have to watch what they say in front of the adult (Gaius). So they’re left to all these sexual looks and whatnot. AAAHHHH.

7. Merlin + Morgana = King and Queen of Sexual Tension!!!!


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The Witch’s Quickening: EP. 2x11

Mergana Points of Focus 2/?

Merlin catches Morgana in the act …

1. In the second GIF, Morgana knows she’s doing something wrong and she can’t look Merlin in the eye. If any other servant were to walk in on her, she probably wouldn’t even care what they thought or saw. However, it was Merlin that saw her in Arthur’s room. It almost seems natural for Merlin to just start scolding her, then give her a kiss. Hehe

2. In the 4th GIF, we see how she tries to play off her “mistake.” The way she does it is very much a reflection of how familiar they are with each other. You don’t smile and roll your eyes like that to just anyone. It might even seem that she is trying to use her charm on him to get away.

3. Merlin is actually trying to give Morgana a chance to come clean on whatever she is doing. He doesn’t push her, but allows her to make the choice. The way he speaks to her though, is not a proper way for a servant to address a lady of status. It tells us that he is also as comfortable and familiar with her, as she is to him.

4. From the LAST GIF, we see how much SEXUAL tension there is between these two. I mean come on!! Merlin’s suggestive smile, as if telling her “hey, look, we’re in a room … alone.” Haha. And Morgana just has to keep avoiding his eyes!! These two are just, ugh!!!

5. Mergana for life…


The Labyrinth of Gedref: Ep. 1x11

When Morgana was kind and compassionate …

What the heck happened to her?!?!?